Friday, January 25, 2013

Flashback: For The Strength Of Youth

          I found this video this morning and it brought back a lot of memories of what being a Mormon youth was like.  This song is a parody of Cee Lo's song "Forget You" and is centered on the standards in the “For The Strength of Youth” pamphlet, which is given to youth when they turn twelve years old and are inducted into the Young Men/Young Women programs at church.  The pamphlet laid out all of the standards by which we were expected to live; we were expected to take the words in this pamphlet seriously. 
          Bad singing and corny lyrics aside, the attitudes and expectations shown in this video are pretty true to my own memories.    

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  1. Personally, I thought the video was kind of cute.
    My point of view on the pamphlet is different: I love it. It does have a lot of rules, but I don't think of them as restrictions, I think of them as blessings. Take modesty, for example: Although it can be hard to find clothes that are modest, it's worth it in the end. It ensures you are given the right kind of attention, respected, and seen as a person rather than an item to be used for sex. I think that's empowering.


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