Saturday, January 5, 2013

Looking Ahead (And Writer's Block)

          There comes a time in every person’s exit out of Mormonism where the past begins to lose its painful edge and the future begins to fill up with promise. For some, this journey takes longer than others. Sooner or later, we all reach this point. For a post-Mormon, Mormonism will always be a part of the past. For most of us, Mormon culture also infuses the present in the form of friends and family. There is no middle ground within Mormonism, a fact that has caused many of us to struggle along the way.
          I chose to name this blog “A Post-Mormon Life” because, for me, as well as many others, the life I have gone on to live has exceeded my wildest expectations. I don’t have to lead a life that feels hollow; I am free to shape the future to fit the person I am. I don’t have to fake happiness or belief anymore. I don’t need to struggle to believe something that always felt hollow to me. I am free to explore who I am and to arrive at my own conclusions. I am also free to accept my own limitations and to accept myself for who I am, even if the person that I am is not considered worthy by Mormon standards. This freedom, bewildering at first, has given me the rare opportunity to dig deep and search for understanding, a freedom for which I am forever grateful.
          This past year, much of my writing has focused on my Mormon past and the struggles I faced growing up. These stories are not yet finished; there will always be time for reflecting on the past. But as I look to the year ahead, I find myself wondering about the direction of this blog. 
          The truth is, I've been a little stuck for the past couple months; I have been starting pieces, only to have them either stretch into unwieldy essays or to discard them as inappropriate.  As a writer and as a post-Mormon, I think the time has come for my little blog to expand into new territories.
          I have not yet decided on what direction I want this blog to take – whether to expand by including the voices of other post-Mormons or by focusing more on the life I live now. I have been mulling over this issue for a while now. What I do know is that the time has come to dig a little deeper.  


  1. Whatever direction you take, I hope you keep writing!

    1. Thanks Donna! I will - this whole writing thing has grown on me.

  2. Go for it! You're a good writer, and in some of the conversations we've had (like about music), you have a lot of stories that remain to be told. I absolutely can relate to your experience of starting something and discarding it - I must have at least a dozen potential blog posts that are incomplete at this point. I'm really hoping once my move is complete and my current job is done I can get back into the swing of things. I never expected it to be such a challenge to come up with a quality piece of writing on a regular basis :)

  3. As an occasional reader (Mormon), I am interested in reading more about the directions your life is taking now. I'm curious to read in future pieces where Mormonism still resonates for you in your new directions in the post-Mormon life. Best wishes to you, and I look forward to reading in 2013.


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