Selected Works

This is a compilation of links to my "greatest hits": the posts that describe significant and/or poignant aspects of the post-Mormon experience

My Failed Mormon Resignation: This piece, describing my attempts to resign my membership, started out as a post on my blog and was later picked up by Salon.

The Price Of Honesty: Why Ex-Mormons Keep Quiet About Their Experiences: most people who leave the Mormon Church find themselves in an uneasy situation with their faithful friends and families.

When Mormons Leave: why finding fellow ex-Mormons, even within your own family, can be so difficult sometimes

The Peculiar Heart-Break Of A Mormon Wedding: one of the most heart-breaking parts about leaving Mormonism is being banned from the weddings of loved ones still in the faith.

A Coffee Love Story: the story of how I met my husband (and learned to love coffee).

Mormon Modesty: Growing up in a faith with such strict expectations for womanly modesty, even today I find myself fighting body-related shame as a result of my up-bringing

Guest Post: Male Sexuality In The Mormon Church: I asked Paul Senzee, a fellow post-Mormon blogger, to write a guest post.  He responded with a very heartfelt and poignant piece on male sexuality and Mormonism.

In Memory Of A Friend: Suicide and the realities of leaving.

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