Saturday, April 13, 2013

Growing Fruit In A City

          I grew up in the country and live in a city.  Growing up, we had blueberry, raspberry, and elderberry bushes, along with four gnarled old apple trees.  Moving to a large city, what I missed most about home was all of the green - the trees, the flowers, and the fruit trees.  
          Several years ago, I was lucky enough to move into an old bungalow on a modest city lot.  The previous owners had planted an orange tree; the fruit that comes off that particular tree is unbelievably sweet.  So, needing to improve the landscaping, which was composed primarily of strewn rock and sad-looking grass, we hired a company to plant fruit trees.  Most of the trees and bushes planted were unfamiliar to my Northern sensibilities - pomegranates, grumichamas, Cherry of the Rio Grande, lychee, and passion fruit.  A few of them remind me of home - blueberries and blackberries.  Either way, with the advent of spring, these trees are starting to bear fruit and I am starting to feel like less of a stranger to the city.  

Blueberry bushes, with small green fruits

Flowering blackberry bushes

The very showy passion-fruit flower

Flowering pomegranate


  1. Impressive! I tried, but was never successful growing blueberries in TX. We did get some great tomatoes, though. Here in SF we grow cool weather veggies on our small city lot--peas, lettuce, onion sets, also lemons and limes. :)

    1. The secret is coffee - the soil here is pretty basic but if you apply coffee grounds regularly it makes it acidic enough for them to thrive. :)

  2. Pomegranate shrubs? Orange trees? Yum! I'm envious.


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