Wednesday, April 3, 2013

Ted Talks: Julia Sweeney

I found this video a couple weeks ago and loved it.  The comedian Julia Sweeney was raised Catholic.   I hadn't realized that Catholics also have an age of accountability but her realization on the subject was uncannily similar to my fears about baptism.  (There is also a fantastic anecdote about meeting with the Mormon missionaries!)


  1. I remember a teacher in church pointing out that Catholics take their first communion at the age of 8, just like the Mormons baptize at 8. She suggested that was further proof that the church was "true." (Even though the Catholics were supposed to be the "whore of all the earth.:)

    1. It's funny sometimes the rationales we hear for the church being true. :)

  2. I love Julia Sweeney she always reminds me to laugh. What a great perspective she has.


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